UN publication examines how procurement can address the world’s most pressing challenges

6 Septembre 2016

From using drones to save lives and spur development, to the private sector fighting human rights abuses in other countries: these are just a few of the ground-breaking ideas in a new publication by UNOPS.

Procurement is one of the main channels through which humanitarian and development aid is delivered. Because of this, it is also a vital component to fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

‘Future Proofing Procurement’ poses the question: How can we ensure that the procurement field is equipped to meet the world’s most complex issues?

Contributors from across the public and private sector, as well as academia, propose innovative solutions to challenges in procurement – while also using procurement as a driving force to solve some of the humanitarian and development challenges of our time.

In the article ‘Igniting our public-health supply chain DNA,’ Liuichi Hara explains why the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is working with suppliers to using bar coding technology in its public-health supply chain in order to fight the dangers of counterfeit medical products.


The entire publication is available on www.unops.org.