Regional Situation Report for Syria Crisis #40 - 1-31 December 2015

Publication Date: Décembre 2015
Author: UNFPA Regional Syria Response Hub



In the Syrian Arab Republic:

113,000 reproductive health services delivered to Syrian
57,269 Syrian benefit from reproductive health and gender-based violence related messages
106,500 beneficiaries of 67 reproductive health kits
13,600 dignity kits

In neighbouring countries affected by the crisis:

18,553 reproductive health services delivered to Syrian refugees
10,664 Syrian refugees benefit from reproductive health-related messages
6,659 gender-based violence related services delivered
26,155 Syrian refugees receive gender-based violence related messages
11,530 women and girls participate in recreational activities in the UNFPA-supported women’s centres
1,980 dignity and hygiene kits distributed
6,421 Syrian refugee boys and girls participate in activities in camps and host communities