Actions and commitments by UNFPA on sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse

13 Mars 2018

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, has zero tolerance for sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse. This policy is strictly enforced.

The Fund investigates claims of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse by its personnel or those of its partners. If proven, cases result in punishments, which include dismissals. The results of investigations are published on the UNFPA website.

Anyone who has been exposed to any harassment or abuse, or has information about any such practices, is strongly encouraged to report these claims, which can be done confidentially, through the UNFPA website. Furthermore, UNFPA continues to strengthen an environment where individuals may come forward to file claims with full confidence.

More information about UNFPA’s mechanisms for reporting wrongdoing, and disciplinary measures following claims of misconduct, is available on this page.



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UNFPA and partners are working to protect vulnerable populations from sexual exploitation and abuse. © UNFPA Iraq
“As humanitarians, we have a collective responsibility to prevent and safely respond to sexual abuse and exploitation in Iraq,” said Jennifer Emond, a UNFPA specialist on the subject, during a training programme in Iraq.
Amany Abdel-Aal, a Wen-Do instructor and psychologist from the organization Etijah, teaches women how to defend themselves. © UNFPA/Rebecca Zerzan
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