Regional ICPD Review Europe and Central Asia

1 Juillet 2013 - 2 Juillet 2013

Geneva, Switzerland

Enabling Choices: Population Priorities for the 21st Century  

The regional conference, organized by UNFPA and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), served as the culmination of the ICPD Beyond 2014 review for Europe and Central Asia. Over 300 high-level experts from governments, civil society and academia, as well as members of parliaments and youth representatives, discussed strategies for action beyond 2014. Three thematic sessions were dedicated to the  following topics:

  • Population dynamics and sustainable development
  • Families and sexual and reproductive health over the life course
  • Inequalities, social Inclusion and rights

This regional review was informed by an extensive survey conducted by UNECE among its member States, an academic analysis provided by the Wittgenstein Centre in Vienna, as well as meetings with civil society, experts, youth representatives and parliamentarians from across the region and was part of the formal UN process to review progress, gaps and challenges in achieving the objectives of the Programme of Action of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD).


UNFPA Deputy Executive Director's speech to UNECE

Population Trends are an Opportunity, Not a Threat, if Coupled with Smart Policies 




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12-14 Novembre 2019

Conférence de haut niveau sur la CIPD25

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