Audit of the UNFPA Country Office in Uganda

Issue date: 19 Juillet 2013

Audit number: UGA-101

% IR: 100%

Rating: Satisfactory


Audit Ratings

On the basis of its audit findings, OAIS assigns an "audit rating" for each of the areas assessed during an audit as well as an overall rating for the entity audited. OAIS uses three rating categories: "satisfactory"; "partially satisfactory"; "unsatisfactory" which are common and have been agreed among all funds and programmes.

Audit Ratings – Definition

Satisfactory – Governance, risk management Internal controls and practices were adequately established and functioning well. No issues were identified that would significantly affect the achievement of the objectives of the audited entity.
No high risk areas were identified. Overall, the objectives of the entity audited are likely to be achieved.

Partially Satisfactory – Governance, and risk management and internal controls and practices were generally established and functioning, but needed improvement. One or several issues were identified that may negatively affect the achievement of the objectives of the audited entity.
One or more high and medium risk areas were identified that may impact on the achievement of office objectives.

Unsatisfactory – Governance, risk management and internal controls and practices were either not established or not functioning well. The issues were such that the achievement of objectives of the audited entity could be seriously compromised.
The majority of issues identified were high risk, and hence, on the overall, office objectives are not likely to be achieved.

Implementation Rate

Implementation rate (% IR*): The implementation rate reflects the progress made in addressing the issues raised by the audit. The implementation rate per audit report is first displayed three months after the report's public disclosure, or the closest date to the recommendation follow-up completed by OAIS; rates are periodically updated following OAIS reviews.  Audit recommendations are normally expected to be implemented within 18 months. A list of audit recommendations that are outstanding for 18 months or more is included in the OAIS annual report to the Executive Board on audit and investigations. An audit recommendation that remains outstanding more than 18 months is typically one that requires structural adjustments or that is outside the direct control of UNFPA.

Implementation rate disclosure last updated on: 31 December 2014.