UNFPA Supplies Annual Report 2016

No. de pages :99

Date de publication: Juin 2017

Auteur: UNFPA

UNFPA Supplies is the world’s largest provider of contraceptives, accounting for around 40 per cent of all contraception procured by donors on behalf of developing countries. In 2016, UNFPA Supplies helped some 12.5 million women in more than 46 countries obtain modern contraceptives and reproductive health services. Contraceptives provided in 2016 through UNFPA Supplies had potential to avert an estimated:

7.1 million unintended pregnancies
20,000 maternal deaths
126,000 child deaths
2.2 million unsafe abortions

These contraceptives had potential to save families and countries $430 million in direct health-care costs (antenatal, delivery and postnatal care and post-abortion care).