Regional Situation Report for Syria Crisis #56 1-30 April 2017

Avril 2017
Author: UNFPA Regional Syria Response Hub


Highlight of the month: New women's and girls' safe spaces have opened in both northern and southern Syria.

Syrian Arab Republic (from all channels):

  • 283,612 reproductive health services delivered to Syrians;
  • 9,299 deliveries supported, including 3,395 C-section deliveries;
  • 63,948 family planning services;
  • 15,797 gender-based violence response services provided to Syrians;
  • 14,276 women accessed women safe spaces.

In neighbouring countries affected by the crisis:

  • 23,105 reproductive health services delivered to Syrian refugees;
  • 5,217 Syrians received family planning services and consultations;
  • 5,223 clients received gender-based violence services;
  • 17,594 Syrian refugees accessed women safe spaces and participated in activities in camps and host communities;
  • 6,650 Syrian refugees reached with gender-based violence related messages.