Regional Situation Report for Syria Crisis #41 1–31 January 2016

Janvier 2016
Author: UNFPA Regional Syria Response Hub



In the Syrian Arab Republic:

308,911 reproductive health services delivered to Syrians

7,222 deliveries supported

63,983 gender-based violence related services provided to Syrians

50,817 Syrians benefited from reproductive health and gender-based violence related messages

In neighbouring countries affected by the crisis:

19,118 reproductive health services delivered to Syrian refugees

10,428 Syrian refugees benefited from reproductive health related messages through outreach and awareness activities

15,660 gender-based violence related services delivered

8,876 Syrian refugees received gender-based violence related messages 

3,996 women and girls participated in recreational activities in UNFPA-supported women’s centres

8,000 Syrian refugee boys and girls participated in activities in camps and host communities

10,000 copies of a brochure on reproductive health and gender-based violence that was designed by youth were distributed in Lebanon