News on Population Trends

26 Mai 2011
Recent reports show that people in Viet Nam and Thailand are living longer and choosing smaller families. This good news means, however, that both countries are confronting substantial challenges as their demographic... Read more
11 Mai 2011
ISTANBUL—Unmet need for family planning should be addressed as an urgent development priority to keep women healthy, as economic growth can only be achieved through a healthy population, according to Ritva Koukku-Ronden... Read more
28 Septembre 2009
MARRAKESH, Morocco — More than 2,000 population experts, scholars, researchers and policymakers from all parts of the world gathered here to share ideas and review recent developments in population and demography. The... Read more
4 Ooctobre 2004
Preliminary results of the first total census in Timor-Leste since its independence in 2002 were released in the capital, Dili, earlier this month. Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri announced the much-awaited figures at a... Read more
12 Août 2008
Some 700 thousand girls a year are estimated to be ‘missing’ in India as a result of illegal sex determination and consequent elimination. What is behind this drive to have boy children – which is expected to have... Read more
9 Avril 2010
NEW YORK – The combination of extremely low birth rates, migration losses and moderate mortality is leading to both rapid population decline and ageing in many countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Because this... Read more