News on Obstetric fistula

1 Juillet 2019
Ms. Kaleso suffered stigma and isolation stemming from fistula for a year before she got treatment. © UNFPA Malawi
LILONGWE, Malawi – Monica Kaleso loved to go to school. She studied hard and never missed class. Her dream of becoming a medical doctor was on course until 2013, when, at the age of 17, she began a relationship with a... Lire plus
22 Mai 2019
Farah* recently received surgical treatment for obstetric fistula. She says she can now "live a normal life." © UNFPA Afghanistan
KABUL, Afghanistan – “I saw myself as the living dead,” 50-year-old Laila* told UNFPA. She suffered terribly while giving birth in Pakistan 27 years ago. The prolonged, obstructed labour left her with an obstetric... Lire plus
21 Mai 2019
Keflene Yakobo est maintenant une ambassadrice de la fistule dans sa communauté, et aide les femmes à recevoir les traitements appropriés et à reprendre le contrôle de leurs vies. © UNFPA Tanzanie/Bright Warren
SIMIYU, République-Unie de Tanzanie - Keflene Yakobo a tout fait dans les règles pendant sa grossesse. Bien que très jeune - mariée à 17 ans et enceinte à 19 ans - elle s’est attachée à effectuer des bilans de santé... Lire plus
20 Mai 2019
Des étudiantes en pratique de sage-femme de l'Institut des sciences de la santé à Hargeisa en Somaliland apprennent à porter assistance en cas de complications à la naissance causées par la mutilation génitale féminine. © UNFPA / Georgina Goodwin
NATIONS UNIES, New York – « J’ai rencontré beaucoup de femmes qui ont souffert le martyre pendant l’accouchement », déclare le Dr Kenza Aden, médecin généraliste à Djibouti. Cela est dû au fait que la plupart de ces... Lire plus
3 Mai 2019
L’évolution de la maternité ces 25 dernières années  © UNFPA/Bruno Feder
NATIONS UNIES, New York – Il y a vingt-cinq ans, le monde était en pleine transformation. L’Afrique du Sud connaissait sa première élection multiraciale et Nelson Mandela devenait président. La Suède commençait à... Lire plus
18 Septembre 2018
DHARAN, Nepal – At the age of 17, Palesh Devi Rajdhobi was married off to a man she had never met. One year later, she gave birth to her first child. Then another, and another. When she was pregnant with her sixth, she... Lire plus
25 Juin 2018
Najat suffered a traumatic birth injury, and nearly died, after her in-laws refused to take her to a hospital during labour. © National Midwives Association/UNFPA
SANA’A, Yemen – Najat, a trained midwife, was well aware of the dangers of pregnancy and childbirth. But when her own health needs and professional judgment clashed with her husband’s traditional ideas, she suffered in... Lire plus
12 Juin 2018
Women and girls celebrating after their successful fistula repair surgeries at the Aberdeen Women’s Centre in Freetown © UNFPA Sierra Leone 2018/Angelique Reid
FREETOWN, Sierra Leone – “When I became pregnant in December 2016, I never attended a health clinic,” said 19-year-old Katimu Kanneh. “I drank traditional medicines supplied to me by traditional birth attendants in the... Lire plus
23 Mai 2018
Margret Rambiki lived with obstetric fistula for 13 years. Finally, her mother learned how she could get relief. © UNFPA Malawi/Henry Chimbali
MULANJE DISTRICT, Malawi – Margret Rambiki was just a teenager, married at 14, when she nearly died in childbirth. It was 2002 in the Mulanje District of southern Malawi. A child bride, Ms. Rambiki may have been... Lire plus
22 Mai 2018
A health worker checks on a pregnant woman during a home visit. Access to quality maternal health care, especially emergency care during childbirth, is essential to preventing obstetric fistula. © UNFPA Ethiopia/Abraham Gelaw
JIMMA, Ethiopia – After her wedding at age 20 in the Seka District of Ethiopia, Birkisa Aba Nega became pregnant. Then again, and again. Four of the five children she delivered died, and she was left with a debilitating... Lire plus