News on Maternal health

25 Mars 2019
Women and girls are receiving dignity kits, which contain essential hygiene supplies as well as safety whistles.  © UNFPA Mozambique/Vidal Mahundla
MATUNDO, Mozambique/LILONGWE, Malawi – Eleven days ago, Tropical Cyclone Idai made landfall in Mozambique then crossed into Zimbabwe, leaving a wide path of destruction across Eastern Africa. By the time the storm... Lire plus
19 Mars 2019
After years of conflict, the population is seeing a cascade of health and human rights problems fall "like dominoes". © UNFPA Syria/Sufian Abdul-Mouty
DARA’A, Syrian Arab Republic – With the crisis in Syria soon to enter its ninth year, the people of Dara’a Governorate face especially harrowing conditions, with hostilities killing civilians as recently as July.  Dara’... Lire plus
11 Mars 2019
Le Dr. Natalia Kanem, directrice de l’UNFPA, a rencontré les femmes qui inspirent Kibera, le plus grand quartier informel du Kenya. © UNFPA
Nairobi, KENYA – « Lorsque les femmes qui dormaient se réveillent, les montagnes bougent ». C’est ce proverbe kenyan qu’a cité le Dr. Natalia Kanem, directrice de l’UNFPA, à un événement organisé dans le quartier... Lire plus
28 Février 2019
“We have been traveling for a week without being able to sleep, take a shower or eat well. I get tired easily, and have vomiting and headaches," said Mariana, who is five months pregnant. © UNFPA Peru
TUMBES, Peru – “I have been told that it was too dangerous to travel alone, but I did it for my family’s and my own well-being,” said Britney, 18, part of a mass exodus of people leaving Venezuela in search of a better... Lire plus
27 Février 2019
In this Islamic study group, older women bring up questions that younger women are too embarrassed to raise. © UNFPA WCARO/Habibou Dia
MARADI, Niger – The preacher Malama Ouani may seem like an unlikely advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights. She teaches women about Islam and family welfare during study groups, known as “madrassas,” in... Lire plus
16 Février 2019
L’UNFPA a fourni des provisions essentielles en matière de santé reproductive dans ce camp où les conditions de vie sont désastreuses. © ONU en Syrie
RUKBAN, Syrie – Dans le cadre du plus important convoi humanitaire jamais organisé par les Nations Unies et le Croissant-Rouge arabe syrien, l’UNFPA a fourni des provisions essentielles en matière de santé reproductive... Lire plus
21 Février 2019
Une sage-femme soigne les jumeaux inattendus de Mohsina à l'hôpital Jardan. © FMF
JARDAN, Yémen – Plus d’un million de femmes enceintes et de jeunes mères ont besoin d’une aide d’urgence au Yémen, qui souffre actuellement de la plus grave crise humanitaire au monde.  Mohsina était l’une de ces femmes... Lire plus
18 Février 2019
Jémima Masika a été contaminée par Ebola mais a survécu. © UNFPA DRC/Brigitte Kiaku
BENI, République démocratique du Congo – Quand Jémima Masika, 26 ans, a perdu ses parents dans l’épidémie d’Ebola en août dernier, elle pensait que ce virus mortel était une légende… avant de tomber malade à son tour... Lire plus
14 Février 2019
Health workers have learned to respect indigenous childbirth traditions, such as vertical delivery using a rope. © UNFPA Peru/Juan Pablo Casapia
CHURCAMPA, Peru – Edelmira Martina Antay Dávila remembers when women used to die in childbirth. “I used to give birth at home, but it was not good,” she told UNFPA. “Women can die, even from haemorrhages.” Ms. Antay... Lire plus
7 Février 2019
Eman, from West Mosul, needed a Caesarean section for her fifth child. © UNFPA Iraq/Jared Kohler
MOSUL, Iraq – After the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS or Daesh) captured Mosul in 2014, most of the maternity wards and hospitals in the city were shuttered, leaving hundreds of... Lire plus