News on Human rights

4 Février 2011
Female genital mutilation/cutting has been illegal in Senegal since 1999. But that didn’t stop Dialyma Cisse‘s paternal grandmother from having her cut, against the wishes of the young girl and her parents. Stories... Lire plus
3 Mars 2011
 UNITED NATIONS, New York — UNFPA played an active role in this year's Commission on the Status of Women, which focused on women’s and girls’ access to education, training, science and technology, including the... Lire plus
25 Février 2011
At a side event during the Commission on the Status of Women, UNFPA and UNICEF launched ‘Women’s and Children’s Rights: Making the Connection’, an advocacy booklet that explores how two strong treaties can complement... Lire plus
4 Mars 2011
MINSK, Belarus — About one in four Belarusian women aged 18-60 are subjected to physical abuse from their spouses or partners, according to a survey organized by the United Nations Office in Belarus. But a wide-ranging... Lire plus
21 Mars 2011
Tweet UNITED NATIONS, New York—A new agreement between UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, and the Government of Iraq will enhance efforts to meet the country’s development goals over the next four years. “We... Lire plus
10 Février 2011
In the News
In Africa, if you play music in an open space, any music, then people will generally come. "It is the way to reach people, to bring them together." So says Sister Fa, a Senegalese urban soul and hip-hop star who has... Lire plus
9 Décembre 2010
NEPALGANJ, Nepal — It is especially dark tonight, with the monsoon rain coming down, not hard but constant. The evening birds have taken refuge in their tree nests all around, and the only sounds are the far-off murmur... Lire plus
29 Novembre 2010
HANOI, Viet Nam – One in three, or 34 per cent, of ever-married Vietnamese women report that they have suffered physical or sexual violence from their husbands at some time in their lives, according to the National... Lire plus
14 Décembre 2010
UNITED NATIONS, New York—United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that UNFPA’s Thoraya Ahmed Obaid will be remembered for her global leadership on human rights, reproductive health and the empowerment of... Lire plus
20 Octobre 2010
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina — Enisa grew up in Foca, a town in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she enjoyed carefree days as a child and young adult strolling by the Drina river. In the town, where people of... Lire plus