News on Human rights

5 Octobre 2011
HANOI—Joint international and national actions to end prenatal sex selection and discrimination against women should remain a priority for all, Nobuko Horibe, the Director of UNFPA’s Asia and Pacific Regional Office,... Lire plus
25 Octobre 2011
NEW YORK — In October 2000, the UN Security Council passed its landmark Resolution 1325 as the first international agreement to specifically recognize the impact of armed conflict on women and their role as builders of... Lire plus
17 Octobre 2011
In the News
SARE HAROUNA, Senegal — When Aissatou Kande was a little girl, her family followed a tradition considered essential to her suitability to marry. Her clitoris was sliced off with nothing to dull the pain. But on her... Lire plus
20 Juillet 2011
Tweet UNITED NATIONS, New York— On a mission to Haiti this week, UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador and Portuguese television personality Catarina Furtado toured a number of projects supported by United Nations agencies,... Lire plus
3 Août 2011
Tweet UNITED NATIONS, New York — When a 26-year-old street vendor in Tunisia set fire to himself in an act of desperation, he also ignited a flame of protest that rocked the entire Arab region. Youth’s involvement in... Lire plus
27 Mai 2011
ZANZIBAR, Tanzania -– The ceremony began with the recitation of Utenzi, a form of Swahili narrative poetry. In a traditional Zanzabari style, two girls sang a sorrowful tale: “It is so heartbreaking to see that children... Lire plus
26 Juillet 2011
UNITED NATIONS, New York — Discussion heated up at the "Crossfire" panel discussion as youth leaders and decision makers from around the world engaged in a frank question and answer session about HIV and young people.... Lire plus
5 Août 2011
Tweet DADAAB, Kenya — "It is distressing to hear the stories of women with small children who had to walk for over 25 days to get to the refugee camp," said UNFPA Regional Director for Africa Bunmi Makinwa, who was... Lire plus
17 Août 2011
Mobilizing Psychosocial Support within Libya and for Refugees from the Conflict
TRIPOLI, Libya — As conflict in Libya still rages, responding to humanitarian needs within the country and at the borders with Tunisia and Egypt continue to be a challenge. UNFPA’s country offices in the region have... Lire plus
24 Juin 2011
HUNAN PROVINCE, China — A lively workshop session on gender equality started with brainstorming of commonly used Chinese idioms describing a good man. He should have a back like a tiger and a waist like a bear. He does... Lire plus