News on Gender-based violence

14 Avril 2015
Nigo, una niña nigeriana de 14 años, fue raptada por Boko Haram en noviembre. Tras escapar al Níger, recibió apoyo de un programa patrocinado por el UNFPA.
NIAMEY, Niger/NATIONS UNIES, New York – Il y a un an, dans la nuit du 14 avril, 276 lycéennes étaient enlevées par des insurgés de Boko Haram à Chibok, une ville du nord-est du Nigéria. Depuis, 57 d’entre elles ont... Lire plus
18 Février 2016
SHABWAH, Yemen – The nearly year-old conflict in Yemen has now embroiled 21 of the country’s 22 governorates, civilian casualties are increasingly common, food is in short supply and many hospitals, police stations and... Lire plus
17 Février 2016
BALKH, Afghanistan – It was after midnight and Bibi Gul* was in critical condition when her husband and eldest daughter brought her to a hospital in Balkh, a province in northern Afghanistan.  When the nurses examined... Lire plus
22 Décembre 2014
LA PAZ, Bolivie – « En nous efforçant d’être des hommes meilleurs, nous pouvons éradiquer la violence », déclare Marco Antonio Barrero, maire de Camargo, petite ville des Andes boliviennes. La violence à l’égard des... Lire plus
25 Novembre 2015
Violence against women takes place in every country and community in the world. Syrian women participate in a session on gender-based violence in Damascus. © UNFPA Syria/Hamada Smesem
UNITED NATIONS, New York – Violence against women and girls is one of the world’s most pervasive human rights abuses. It happens every day, in every region, country and community on the planet, sometimes in plain sight... Lire plus
9 Novembre 2015
Young people in Band-e-Amir, Afghanistan. A UNFPA-supported hotline is helping Afghanistan's youth learn about their health and rights. © UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein
KABUL, Afghanistan – "We had a case where one of the callers, a girl, was pregnant, and when she told her boyfriend about her condition, he disappeared. She was desperate when she called us, even considering committing... Lire plus
2 Novembre 2015
Intense fighting has left much of Yemen battle-scarred. The chaos has left women and girls increasingly vulnerable. © OCHA/Philippe Kropf
HARADH, Yemen – Conditions for Yemeni women and girls are deteriorating as the conflict in Yemen drags on. The stress and chaos of the crisis, coupled with entrenched gender inequality, have left women and girls... Lire plus
22 Octobre 2015
The Listening Centre refers violence survivors to a local health centre for medical care. Here, women wait to be seen at a health centre in Cameroon. © UNFPA Cameroon
YAOUNDE/BATOURI, Cameroon – How does one comfort the family of an abused adolescent girl, or assist a pregnant survivor of sexual assault? In Batouri, in eastern Cameroon, these difficult tasks are the responsibility of... Lire plus
26 Septembre 2015
The crisis caused by the Boko Haram insurgency threatens to undermine development throughout the region. Girls in northern Nigeria. © UNFPA Nigeria/Ololade Daniel
UNITED NATIONS, New York/DAKAR, Senegal – Thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced in the Lake Chad Basin region, the result of a relentless and ongoing campaign of violence by Boko Haram insurgents.... Lire plus
22 Septembre 2015
Gender-based violence and inequality are longstanding problems in Yemen. Officials fear conditions have worsened under the current humanitarian crisis. A survivor of gender-based violence was photographed at a displacement camp in 2011. © UNFPA Yemen/Fahmia Al-Fotih
 The 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly is currently underway in New York. This meeting of the world's leaders will see the adoption of a new set of global goals – the Sustainable Development Goals –... Lire plus