30 Juillet 2014
WAU, South Sudan – The need for reproductive health care remains overwhelming in South Sudan. Even before the current humanitarian crisis erupted in December of last year, the country had one of the highest maternal... Read more
19 Mai 2014
UNITED NATIONS, New York – Amid escalating conflict, some 30,000 women in South Sudan are at risk of dying in childbirth, according to estimates by UNFPA, and 200,000 pregnant women will be in need of urgent care... Read more
7 Mai 2014
JUBA, South Sudan – Teresa Aruoth never knew she could use family planning to help space the births of her children. Married in her teenage years, she counts herself lucky to have remained healthy in a country where one... Read more
7 Juillet 2014
JUBA, South Sudan – It is the middle of the night in a crowded displacement camp in Juba, South Sudan, and 25-year-old Marsa Nyaluak is losing blood fast. She is in labour and has been bleeding for two hours. She needs... Read more
16 Avril 2014
JUBA, South Sudan – Armed with a broad smile, Jennifer Ikokole ushers expectant mothers into a makeshift tent at the sprawling Tomping civilian protection camp in South Sudan’s capital, Juba. As the current crisis takes... Read more
28 Février 2014
United Nations, New York – More than 300 United Nations Volunteers have supported UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, to deliver on its mandate in nearly 70 countries over the past seven years. The two agencies... Read more
21 Avril 2014
JUBA, South Sudan – In 2011, Jamal Deng, 23, joined his war-weary countrymen in celebrating South Sudan’s independence after a devastating and protracted conflict with the north. As was the case for many young people in... Read more
28 Mars 2014
JUBA, South Sudan – Mary Akuol, 23, cradles her two-week old baby at the entrance of her family’s makeshift tent in Juba III, a civilian protection camp in South Sudan’s capital. A folded mattress takes up much of the... Read more
21 Ooctobre 2013
JUBA, South Sudan – The Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery recently graduated its first class of nurses and midwives. The inaugural group of 17 midwives and 13 nurses is the first to earn diplomas that meet the... Read more
25 Juillet 2012
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JUBA -- South Sudan has the worst reported maternal mortality rate in the world. "More women die in child birth, per capita, in South Sudan, than in any country in the world," says Caroline Delany, a health specialist... Read more