19 Mai 2017
Nombreuses sont les barrières qui se dressent sur le chemin des jeunes qui les empêche de jouir pleinement de leurs droits tel que l’accès limité à l’éducation et aux soins de santé. Les jeunes femmes sont encore plus vulnérables, victimes de discrimination, de violences et d’un taux très élevés de grossesses précoces. © UNFPA
MONROVIA, Libéria – La vie n’est pas souvent facile pour les jeunes du Libéria. Cela fait déjà 14 ans que la guerre civile qui a déchiré le pays est terminée, mais les populations locales tardent encore à s’en remettre... Read more
1 Juillet 2016
Volunteer James S. Yangbie leads a discussion at the health club he started at Kaytoken Junior High. Talented youth volunteers are meeting reproductive health needs in Liberia, where conflict and the Ebola epidemic had left the health system shattered. © UNFPA/Ruth Fertig
UNITED NATIONS, New York/MONROVIA, Liberia – Jackie knows about heartbreak. She became pregnant in the ninth grade and was forced to leave school. Then, when her baby was nearly two years old, she suddenly fell sick. “I... Read more
1 Juillet 2015
Condoms are critical for preventing sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and – in Ebola-affected countries like Liberia – the Ebola virus. © UNFPA/Nordic Office
MONROVIA, Liberia – “I am HIV-positive, and I am sure I acquired the virus through sexual contact,” said Stephen McGill, of the group Stop AIDS in Liberia, at the launch of a campaign promoting condom use. The recent... Read more
11 Mai 2015
A woman and her baby rest at a UNFPA-supported health facility in Liberia. © UNFPA Liberia
MONROVIA, Liberia/UNITED NATIONS, New York – Two days ago, Liberia was declared Ebola-free, after the tragic 13-month-long outbreak saw the deaths of nearly 5,000 people. But while the outbreak is now officially over,... Read more
3 Février 2015
Siah Tamba, an Ebola survivor, now works at the Ebola treatment unit in Sinje, Liberia. She lost her mother, sister and daughter to the illness.  © UNMEER/Martine Perret
MONROVIA, Liberia – After recovering from the near-death experience of an Ebola infection, survivors in Liberia are reporting that their ordeal is not yet over. Many say they are encountering hostility, exclusion and... Read more
22 Janvier 2015
BAMAKO, Mali – Four days ago, Mali became the third West African country declared to be Ebola-free after the deadly outbreak penetrated its borders late last year. Health workers are now standing watch at the country’s... Read more
5 Janvier 2015
 Contact tracers are trained to use the CommCare app in Ratoma.
CONAKRY, Guinea – As the Ebola epidemic continues to ravage parts of West Africa, health officials are intensifying their efforts on the ground. Now included in their arsenal is a mobile phone application that promises... Read more
26 Août 2014
Au Libéria, l’épidémie d’Ebola place les femmes enceintes en situation de détresse
MONROVIA, Libéria – Le virus Ebola a eu un impact dévastateur sur les systèmes de santé au Libéria, où l’épidémie semble s’intensifier. L’UNFPA fournit des équipements de protection aux agents de santé ainsi que des... Read more
11 Novembre 2014
MONROVIA, Liberia – Although there are signs the Ebola outbreak in Liberia is slowing, the fight against the disease remains an uphill battle. Underlying problems with the health system continue to impede public health... Read more
20 Ooctobre 2014
MONROVIA, Liberia – Thirty-six year old Comfort Fayiah, in Monrovia, Liberia, never imagined her pregnancy would end the way it did – with her giving birth on the side of the road, in a heavy downpour, to twins. The... Read more