International Workshop on Prenatal Sex Selection

04 October 2011

Hanoi, Viet Nam

Imbalance of sex ratios at birth (SRB) is an increasing concern in some South, East and Central Asian countries, where about 117 million women and girls were reported as “missing”, mostly in India and China. According to the most optimistic projection scenario, if the SRB levels were to come back to normal within the next ten years, men in China and India will still face a serious “marriage squeeze”, as many of them would not be able to find a partner due to a shortage of women of marriageable age for several decades.

This conference, entitled “Skewed Sex Ratios at Birth: Addresssing the Issue and the Way Forward” provides a platform for countries to share their experiences and lessons learned as well as to present a good opportunity to lay the foundation for the South-South technical assistance and advice in addressing sex ratio at birth imbalances.

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