Mid-Term Evaluation of the UNFPA Supplies Programme (2013-2020)

12 Octubre 2017
Community health worker in a rural village of Laos, counselling a couple on family planning choices.

Mid-term Evaluation of the UNFPA Supplies Programme (2013 - 2020)

The purpose of the mid-term evaluation is to assess the progress in the implementation of UNFPA Supplies since 2013. The evaluation is expected to support learning among key stakeholders to inform the implementation of the remainder of the programme as well as other strategies such as, the current UNFPA Family Planning Strategy Choices not Chance (2012-2020). The mid-term evaluation will also support accountability of UNFPA through taking stock of the progress accomplished and results achieved under UNFPA Supplies. 

The primary objectives of the mid-term evaluation are to assess the progress made thus far in the implementation of UNFPA Supplies. In particular, the evaluation will aim to asses the (1) the relevance of the objectives and the approach of UNFPA Supplies; (2) the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation of UNFPA Supplies at global, regional, national and sub-national levels; (3) the results achieved in UNFPA Supplies at global, regional, national and sub-national levels and the extent to which sustainability considerations have been built-in; (4) the extent to which issues of gender equality, social inclusion and equity have been taken into consideration; (5) the extent of coordination with national partners and other prominent actors in the area of commodity security with a view to creating synergies and partnerships; (6) the extent to which the UNFPA Supplies programme has played a catalytic role at all levels (global, regional, national).

The mid-term evaluation will also identify lessons and good practice from the implementation of UNFPA Supplies, and opportunities to improve current planning, programme formulation, appraisal and implementation, as well as to feed into the planning of UNFPA strategic documents.

All the relevant information about this evaluation is published here.