ICPD Beyond 2014: International Conference on Human Rights

7 Julio 2013 - 10 Julio 2013

Noordwijk, the Netherlands

The International Conference on Human Rights  was organized by UNFPA, the Office of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights and the Government of The Netherlands; bringing together over 300 participants from 127 countries, including civil society organizations, academia, parliamentarians, human rights defenders, young people, and service providers, as well as United Nations agencies.

Under the tagline “All Different. All Human. All Equal”, the conference provided a platform for dialogue amongst the diverse range of participants to address human rights commitments and identify opportunities to strengthen the operational links between human rights and implementation of the Programme of Action, with a particular emphasis on sexual and reproductive health and rights and their intersection with gender equality.

At the end of the Conference the Chairman highlighted several strong messages that came out of the Conference. Among these:

  • Gender equality was identified as a prerequisite for any advancement of women’s and girls’ human rights.
  • Rights related to sexuality and reproduction are universal human rights
  • Ensuring sexual and reproductive rights requires an enabling environment where people can exercise autonomy and choice
  • Men and boys need to be champions and meet their own responsibility for eliminating discrimination and violence against women and girls
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