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Aashu Tresa, 32, remembers when becoming a mother was a life-or-death proposition. When she was growing up, no one in her rural village, Misree Kolhi, gave birth under the care of a trained health worker. “Unskilled, untrained birth attendants were doing deliveries in our...
Despite years of efforts and advances, full gender equality has yet to be realized. There is not one country in the world free of gender-based violence or discrimination. And in too many places, the burdens of inequality fall hardest on the youngest.

Tiene 10 años. Capacitada para absorber rápidamente la sabiduría y el conocimiento de quienes la rodean, está lista para convertirse, algún día, en una líder carismática, una trabajadora productiva, una profesional innovadora o una madre atenta, o para desempeñar cualquiera...


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