News on Youth leadership & participation

19 Julio 2010
Poster for the music video, 'Quiet 'hood'' (Barrio Tranquilo). Right-click image to save high-resolution poster.Photo © UNFPA TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — What's the best way to inform young people about risks and get them... Leer más
3 Junio 2010
UNITED NATIONS, New York — The 2010 United Nations Population Award was presented today by Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro to the two laureates: William and Melinda Gates and the Asian Forum of... Leer más
30 Julio 2010
PANAMA CITY — Fourteen countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are carrying out population and housing censuses this year as part of the 2010 round, a global effort by governments to count their citizens, which... Leer más
30 Junio 2010
NEW YORK — Being 15 years old – no longer a child but not quite an adult – is a challenge for girls everywhere. It’s a time when one’s body, emotions and capabilities are in flux, and when new tensions and demands often... Leer más