News on Obstetric fistula

22 Mayo 2020
A health facility in Tanzania’s Simiyu region, which was renovated through a two-year programme supported by UNFPA with funding from KOICA. © UNFPA Tanzania/Karlien Truyens
BARIADI, United Republic of Tanzania – Midwife Nuriat Koku Mtumbi remembers the day in March well: “It was raining heavily and Adimu* had delivered her baby on her way to our facility. “She was shielding herself under a... Leer más
22 Mayo 2020
A woman recovers from fistula treatment sugery in Yemen. Obstetric fistula almost entirely preventable; its persistence is a sign of global social injustice. © UNFPA Yemen
AL HUDAYDAH, Yemen – Five years ago, Marwa* was a child bride living in the port city of Al Hudaydah. “I was almost 17 years old, and happy with my new life. I was a new bride and I got pregnant fast. I thought life was... Leer más
8 Enero 2020
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – “Helping women suffering fistula is my mission in life," Razia Shamshad said about the maternal injury from childbirth that she thought would ruin her life. “No woman deserves to live in misery,... Leer más
1 Julio 2019
Ms. Kaleso suffered stigma and isolation stemming from fistula for a year before she got treatment. © UNFPA Malawi
LILONGWE, Malawi – Monica Kaleso loved to go to school. She studied hard and never missed class. Her dream of becoming a medical doctor was on course until 2013, when, at the age of 17, she began a relationship with a... Leer más
22 Mayo 2019
Farah* recently received surgical treatment for obstetric fistula. She says she can now "live a normal life." © UNFPA Afghanistan
KABUL, Afghanistan – “I saw myself as the living dead,” 50-year-old Laila* told UNFPA. She suffered terribly while giving birth in Pakistan 27 years ago. The prolonged, obstructed labour left her with an obstetric... Leer más
21 Mayo 2019
Keflene Yakobo es ahora embajador fístula en su comunidad y ayuda a otras mujeres que padecen fístula a recuperar sus vidas. © UNFPA Tanzania/Bright Warren
SIMIYU, República Unida de Tanzania - Keflene Yakobo intentó hacer todo lo correcto durante su embarazo. Aunque era joven —se casó a los 17 años y quedó embarazada a los 19— era diligente en los chequeos periódicos. "... Leer más
20 Mayo 2019
Estudiantes de partería del Instituto de Ciencias de la Salud en Hargeisa, Somalilandia están aprendiendo cómo ayudar con las complicaciones del parto causadas por la mutilación genital femenina. © UNFPA / Georgina Goodwin
NACIONES UNIDAS, Nueva York - "He conocido a muchas mujeres que han sufrido enormemente durante el trabajo de parto", afirmó la Dra. Kenza Aden, médica generalista en Djibouti. Esto ocurre porque la mayoría de sus... Leer más
3 Mayo 2019
No es la misma maternidad que vivió tu madre. © UNFPA/Bruno Feder
NACIONES UNIDAS, Nueva York - Hace veinticinco años el mundo se transformaba. Sudáfrica celebró sus primeras elecciones multirraciales y eligió a Nelson Mandela como presidente. Suecia empezó a permitir el registro de... Leer más
18 Septiembre 2018
DHARAN, Nepal – At the age of 17, Palesh Devi Rajdhobi was married off to a man she had never met. One year later, she gave birth to her first child. Then another, and another. When she was pregnant with her sixth, she... Leer más
25 Junio 2018
Najat suffered a traumatic birth injury, and nearly died, after her in-laws refused to take her to a hospital during labour. © National Midwives Association/UNFPA
SANA’A, Yemen – Najat, a trained midwife, was well aware of the dangers of pregnancy and childbirth. But when her own health needs and professional judgment clashed with her husband’s traditional ideas, she suffered in... Leer más