News on Migration

23 Abril 2007
MESSOBO, Ethiopia — On the day of her graduation from the Berhane Hewan project, Yideneku Chanie got up especially early. After attending 18 months of classes at the project, she was awarded a certificate, along with a... Read more
12 Enero 2007
HANOI, Viet Nam — Swallowed cocaine pellets in Colombia and exploding trucks in Iraq may seem a world away from the struggles of rural migrants in Viet Nam, but internationally-acclaimed filmmaker Joshua Marston finds... Read more
23 Agosto 2006
More than ever, young people move. Over the past few decades, political, economic, social and demographic changes have uprooted many people and stimulated migration to cities and abroad. The growing volume of trade,... Read more
30 Mayo 2006
TECUN UMAN, Guatemala — Only the most destitute stop by the House of Migrants in Tecun Uman, a squalid town in northern Guatemala on the Mexican border. They come in small groups, or alone, many with stories of... Read more
26 Junio 2007
SHUNDE, China — The fast-growing cities of Guangdong Province are a magnet for migrants seeking a piece of the coastal region’s unprecedented economic boom. Many of the newcomers aspire to start businesses, and quite a... Read more
9 Abril 2010
NEW YORK – The combination of extremely low birth rates, migration losses and moderate mortality is leading to both rapid population decline and ageing in many countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Because this... Read more