News on Gender-based violence

11 Diciembre 2019
UNFPA is scaling up its activities to provide reproductive health care and support for survivors of violence in north-eastern Syria. © UNFPA Syria
AL TAPQQA, Syria – As clashes rage on in north-eastern Syria, the toll on civilians and health systems continue to mount. Mass displacements have complicated the delivery of basic health services, including reproductive... Leer más
10 Diciembre 2019
Ms. Banda reads the inscription on her award, which comes from members of her community: “Thank you our fierce fighter, Memory." Image from video feed.
UNITED NATIONS, Geneva – Memory Banda, 23, knows how to change the world: by refusing to stay silent.  Ms. Banda grew up in Malawi in an area where child marriage, sexual violence and early pregnancy were common. “In my... Leer más
10 Diciembre 2019
A women-friendly space in Attapue. UNFPA has helped the Lao Women's Union to provide psychosocial support in the community. Such efforts will continue as the country rolls out the Essential Services Package. © UNFPA Lao People's Democratic Republic
VIENTIANE, Lao People’s Democratic Republic – La* spends her days providing support to survivors of violence and human trafficking in Vientiane, the capital of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Then at night, she... Leer más
30 Noviembre 2019
Las trabajadoras sexuales son sumamente vulnerables a la violencia basada en el género, el VIH, la discriminación y otros peligros. © Tomislav Georgiev/UNFPA MK
SKOPJE, Macedonia del Norte - Como trabajadora sexual transgénero, Lila Milic ha soportado muchos maltratos, y no se siente segura al procurar atención y protección en un lugar que debería ser refugio seguro para todos... Leer más
26 Noviembre 2019
Child marriage is widely seen as a way to secure care for daughters, who are often viewed as an economic burden. In this way, the practice both arises from and perpetuates gender inequality.  © UNFPA Regional Syria Response Hub
DAMASCUS, Syria – “Growing up, I felt as though my wings were slowly clipped against my will, and life became a cage from which there was no escape,” said Amal*, a Syrian adolescent from Qamishli. “An entire world... Leer más
25 Noviembre 2019
Salwa's* experience shows the vulnerabilities of survivors who do not receive qualified and timely support.. © UNFPA Yemen
UNITED NATIONS, New York – "Cuando estaba en la oficina, me trajeron a un sobreviviente", recordó recientemente el Dr. Joseph Johnson, un ginecólogo en el Sudán del Sur noroccidental. "Me dijeron que había sido violada... Leer más
13 Noviembre 2019
In 10 years, the world could achieve three transformative results, at a price tag of only $264 billion, according to new research unveiled at the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25. © UNFPA Uganda
Nairobi, KENYA – It is possible to end preventable maternal deaths, cover all unmet needs for family planning and put a stop to gender-based violence, all within a decade. But it will cost the world a total of $264... Leer más
4 Noviembre 2019
Nuns and monks gathered at Pangrizampa College of Astrology to speak with UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem about their work on sexual and reproductive health and rights. © UNFPA Bhutan/Nilanjana Bose
Thimphu, BHUTAN – "There was a time when I would be menstruating and didn’t know what to do during those days… Now I do.” These candid reflections came from an unexpected source: a nun sitting cross-legged on the floor... Leer más
29 Octubre 2019
Without the support and information, Iuliana* faced violence and early pregnancy. But with the right support, a brighter future is possible. © UNFPA Moldova/Anastasia Pirvu
Chisinau, REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA – Iuliana* did not get much a childhood. Born into a poor family in a remote Moldovan village, she started working at an early age. “I worked at a poultry plant,” she recently recounted to... Leer más
3 Octubre 2019
La escuela de maridos y futuros esposos enseña a los hombres a empoderar a sus esposas por medio de cambios de comportamiento. Aquí, los hombres practican habilidades domésticas para aligerar la carga de sus esposas. © UNFPA/Ollivier Girard
MAMBOUE, Burkina Faso - Waimbabie Gnoumou está aprendiendo a ser un mejor marido, dice su esposa, Martine. Esto así porque va a una escuela especial que enseña a los hombres exactamente eso. La escuela de maridos y... Leer más