News on Female genital mutilation

5 Febrero 2015
A network of women advocates in Doka, Sudan. They are committed to ending FGM in their community. © UNFPA
DOKA, Sudan – Like the vast majority of women in Sudan, Haja Aicha underwent female genital mutilation (FGM)  as a child. And like many women, she says the procedure was agonizing. But unlike most people, Haja Aicha has... Read more
6 Febrero 2015
Community members march against FGM. They are graduates and supporters of a rite of passage that serves as an alternative to FGM. © UNFPA/Mandela Gregoire
TARIME, United Republic of Tanzania – Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a human rights violation – one that can lead to haemorrhage, infection, complications during childbirth, infertility, and, in some cases, even... Read more
22 Abril 2010
NAIROBI — Cuando en 2002 Lina Kilimo se presentó como candidata al Parlamento de Kenya reivindicando un programa de paz, desarrollo y erradicación de la mutilación/ablación genital femenina, sus detractores la... Read more
23 Septiembre 2014
Nancy Tomee en Nueva York
NACIONES UNIDAS (Nueva York) – Nancy Tomee se resistió a la mutilación genital femenina (MGF) durante siete largos años, soportando abusos y acoso hasta que una organización local intervino en su nombre. Ayer, la Sra.... Read more
6 Noviembre 2014
NAIROBI, Kenya – A new campaign highlighting the critical role of media in helping to end female genital mutilation (FGM) was launched in Kenya, Nairobi, last week. The campaign will engage global media outlets,... Read more
2 Septiembre 2014
KHARTOUM, Sudan – Sheikh Mohamed Saeed, a 74-year-old community leader in Sudan’s Wad Sharefai Refugee Camp, has become an unlikely advocate to end female genital mutilation (FGM). Wad Sharefai Camp is in the eastern... Read more
22 Julio 2014
UNITED NATIONS, New York – Despite the advances made in promoting human rights, girls remain among the most vulnerable people in the world. In developing countries, one in three girls are married before reaching age 18... Read more
5 Junio 2014
AFAMBO, Ethiopia – From birth, Kadiga Mohammed was set to marry her first and eldest cousin, a traditional practice known as ‘absuma’ in her community in the Afar Region of Ethiopia. When she turned 16, her parents... Read more
12 Marzo 2014
UNITED NATIONS, New York - “We want to stress the fact that youth cannot and will not be ignored. We may be young, but we have experienced female genital mutilation. We know how it feels. We understand it. Ending it is... Read more
18 Octubre 2013
The Government of Italy, UNFPA and UNICEF are organizing an International Conference on Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting (FGM/C) in Rome from 21-25 October, 2013. The conference, held in the context of the UNFPA-... Read more