News on Climate change

23 Mayo 2016
UNITED NATIONS, New York – The world is currently facing its worst refugee crisis since the Second World War, due to conflicts, persecutions and natural disasters intensified by climate change. And tens of millions... Leer más
21 Marzo 2016
RAKIRAKI, Fiji – One week after Cyclone Winston devastated the island nation of Fiji, Elenoa Adi, age 33, awoke at 4 a.m. to unexpected birth pangs. It was late February, and the baby wasn’t due until April. Her husband... Leer más
16 Marzo 2016
UNITED NATIONS, New York – “When there is armed conflict, it is often more dangerous to be a woman than a soldier,” said Susana Camarero Benitez, Spain’s Secretary of State for Equality and Social Services, during an... Leer más
25 Septiembre 2015
NACIONES UNIDAS, Nueva York – Hoy los líderes mundiales han aprobado por unanimidad un conjunto histórico de objetivos mundiales con los que se pretende erradicar la pobreza, alcanzar la igualdad de género y garantizar... Leer más
24 Septiembre 2014
Residentes de Kiribati, un país conformado por islas de baja altitud amenazado por el aumento del nivel del mar. Fotografía: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe
NACIONES UNIDAS (Nueva York) – Los líderes mundiales se comprometieron a adoptar medidas decisivas para abordar el cambio climático mundial en la histórica Cumbre sobre el Clima de las Naciones Unidas celebrada ayer.... Leer más
4 Noviembre 2014
PUNJAB PROVINCE, Pakistan – When torrential rains flooded Asma Bibi’s village last month, the pregnant 18 year old was able to reach a rural health centre in the neighbouring Jhang District, where she received basic... Leer más
6 Junio 2014
UNFPA assists Balkan flood survivors
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina / BELGRADE, Serbia – Millions of people across the Balkans are facing the aftermath of the worst natural disaster to hit the region in more than a century. As the waters retreat,... Leer más
13 Diciembre 2011
BANGKOK — Thailand has been experiencing one of its worst flood crises in recent history, with 64 of 77 provinces and more than five million people, about 8 per cent of the population, affected since July 2011.... Leer más
7 Junio 2011
To date, research and policy-making on climate change have focused on climate science, technological solutions, and projected impacts to ecosystems and physical infrastructure. An emphasis on people -- the key drivers... Leer más
23 Agosto 2010
In the News
Pakistan's humanitarian crisis is the largest 'in decades'. The UN in Pakistan has described the humanitarian situation caused by the flood disaster as critical. As flood waters continue to travel south through the... Leer más