News on Census

16 Enero 2012
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina — In this capital city, preparations are under way for a nationwide population and housing census—the first to be held in the country in more than 20 years. At the Agency of Statistics... Read more
26 Diciembre 2011
WASHINGTON — Population growth in the United Stated this year slowed to a rate not seen since the 1940s, says a recent Census Bureau report.  U.S. population growth has slowed to a rate not seen since 1945. Here, V-J... Read more
28 Febrero 2011
KIGALI, Rwanda — Rwanda’s fourth national census is slated for 2012, but initial work has already started. Detailed maps that enumerators will use to count every household are being prepared, with the help of some of... Read more
4 Enero 2011
It is difficult to analyze demographic and reproductive health trends for Chad, one of the world’s poorest countries. That’s because so many data points are missing. It’s been almost two decades since Chad’s first --... Read more
15 Noviembre 2010
Good decisions rely on reliable data. That’s one of the reasons governments are urged to make a full accounting of their people, and how and where they live, every ten years. It’s the reason UNFPA is providing technical... Read more
23 Agosto 2010
In the News
RIO DE JANEIRO — Come Dec. 31, about 68 countries are expected to complete the arduous task of taking an accurate head count of the number of people living within their geographical borders. The demographic census,... Read more
4 Febrero 2010
PORT-AU-PRINCE — Older people and female heads of household are the two most vulnerable groups affected by the 12 January earthquake in Haiti. That finding was among the preliminary results of a rapid needs assessment... Read more
9 Octubre 2001
The UNFPA is helping Eritrea’s preparations for its first census, expected in 2002, by providing the country with 20 all-terrain vehicles. Designed for rough terrain and the harsh climate of some parts of the Eastern... Read more
28 Noviembre 2001
PRETORIA– The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) says countries that adhere to principles of good and sustainable governance have to regularly conduct a national population census in order to have reliable... Read more
28 Mayo 2002
Nepal's fertility and mortality rates are on a downward trend, according to recently released preliminary findings from the country's 2001 National Census and its National Demographic Health Survey. Both the census and... Read more