News on Ageing

13 Agosto 2020
CHIȘINĂU, Moldova/NACIONES UNIDAS, Nueva York – Maria Roșca ha estado sola durante meses. La viuda de 73 años no ha salido de casa desde que comenzó el bloqueo por la COVID-19. "Mantengo la televisión y la radio... Leer más
26 Junio 2015
UNITED NATIONS, New York – The United Nations honoured Thoraya Ahmed Obaid and the African Population and Health Research Centre (APHRC), recipients of the 2015 United Nations Population Award, at a ceremony held today... Leer más
7 Abril 2014
NACIONES UNIDAS, Nueva York – Hace veinte años, la comunidad internacional se reunió en El Cairo (Egipto) para analizar los cambios que se estaban produciendo en el mundo y ver cómo afectaban a las personas más... Leer más
3 Septiembre 2014
CHIANG MAI, Thailand - The catastrophe predicted to result from the rapid ageing of Asian populations is far from inevitable, said experts at a regional conference being held this week in Thailand. Making changes to... Leer más
2 Abril 2012
Three short films capturing three very different perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of today’s complex world have been voted as winners in the ‘1 in 7 Billion’ film contest. One, A Common Guy by Pedro Diaz... Leer más
21 Julio 2011
In the News
Tweet The tradition of inheritance from father to son in many societies coupled with a reliance on boys to provide economic support, to ensure security in old age and to perform death rites are part of a set of social... Leer más
26 Mayo 2011
Recent reports show that people in Viet Nam and Thailand are living longer and choosing smaller families. This good news means, however, that both countries are confronting substantial challenges as their demographic... Leer más
10 Abril 2002
Relaying the voices of older persons in her country at the launching of the UNFPA book, Situation and Voices of the Older Poor and Excluded in South Africa and India, a South African contributor to the book, Tersia... Leer más

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