Strategic Plan 2014-2017

Resource date: 2013

Strategic Plan 2014-2017 

The UNFPA strategic plan for 2014-2017 reaffirms the strategic direction set out in the midterm review of the 2008-2013 strategic plan, as represented by the “bull’s eye” and presents a set of organizational changes that support its attainment.

 Annex 1. Integrated Results Framework 

This annex contains the indicators, baselines, and targets that set out the results the UNFPA aims to achieve for 2014-2017.

Annex 2. Outcome Theories of Change 

Annex 2 outlines the major strategic interventions that will guide the UNFPA's work for the achievement of the proposed outputs and outcomes, recognizing the assumptions and risks related to them.

Annex 3. Business Model 

Annex 3 examines the current issues with the “where”, “how”, and “who” of the UNFPA work, and then describes the key features of the new business model.

 Annex 4. Funding Arrangements 

Annex 4 concentrates on the architecture through which the organization allocates its resources, the Resource Allocation System, the Global and Regional Intervention, and other mechanisms for allocating programmatic resources; particularly the Emergency Fund and the Opportunities Fund.

Annex 5. Alignment of the Strategic Plan with the QCPR 

Annex 5 is a high-level summary of how UNFPA has consciously aligned its Strategic Plan with the QCPR guidance together with information on actions already underway or implemented.