Quadrennial budgeted evaluation plan, 2018 - 2021


Resource date: 2018

The quadrennial budgeted evaluation plan for 2018-2021 has been prepared in line with the revised evaluation policy of UNFPA (DP/FPA/2013/5), and in accordance with relevant Executive Board decisions as well as General Assembly resolution 71/243 on the quadrennial comprehensive policy review of operational activities for development of the United Nations system.

The plan presents the strategic approach to evaluation planning and details proposed corporate and decentralized programme-level evaluations for UNFPA, together with information on budget, key risks and reporting arrangements. The plan outlines a coherent framework to guide the commissioning, management and use of evaluations at UNFPA and provides the basis for monitoring and reporting on the implementation of corporate and decentralized programme level evaluations.

The plan covers four years. Firm proposals are presented for 2018-2019.  Indicative proposals – intended to ensure flexibility and alignment with the changing context in which UNFPA works – are put forward for 2020-2021.

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  • Quadrennial budgeted evaluation plan
    Annex 1. Proposed corporate evaluations


    Annex 2. Proposed programme-level evaluations


    Annex 3. Corporate evaluations. Selectivity analysis for major thematic, institutional and programme evaluations


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