Evaluation of the UNFPA response to the Syria crisis

Resource date: 2018

The evaluation of the UNFPA response to the Syria crisis continues moving forward as scheduled. The purpose of this exercise is to assess the contribution of UNFPA to the Syria humanitarian crisis response. This evaluation will generate findings and lessons that will be of use for UNFPA (at global, regional and country level) but also for humanitarian actors, partner countries affected by the Syria crisis, donors, and the civil society.

The specific objectives of the evaluation are, namely:

  1. To provide an independent comprehensive assessment of the UNFPA overall response to the Syria crisis including its contribution to the Whole of Syria approach for interventions inside Syria and provision of services for Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries.
  2. To look at the organizational structure set up by UNFPA to coordinate its Syria crisis interventions, in particular the operations of the Syria Response Hub and its impact on improving overall response.
  3. To draw lessons from UNFPA past and current Syrian humanitarian crisis response and propose recommendations for future humanitarian responses both in the sub-region and elsewhere.

More information on this evaluation will be shared as the process evolves. For additional questions, please review the terms of reference and inception report of the evaluation, or feel free to contact the UNFPA Evaluation Office.


  • TOR of the evaluation of UNFPA response to the Syria crisis


    Inception report