Bangladesh Country Programme Evaluation

Resource date: 2016

The overall purpose of the evaluation of the UNFPA eighth country programme of assistance to the Government of Bangladesh (2012-2016) was to provide an independent and useful evaluation report meant to inform decision making, primarily at country office level, but also at regional office and headquarters levels.

The specific objectives of the evaluation were:

  • To provide an independent assessment of the relevance and performance of the UNFPA eighth country programme to the UNFPA country office in Bangladesh, national programme stakeholders, the UNFPA Asia and the Pacific Regional Office (Bangkok), UNFPA headquarters and a broader audience;
  • To provide a specific analysis of how UNFPA took into account and addressed those factors that leave Bangladesh vulnerable to disasters and emergencies in Bangladesh;
  • To provide an analysis of how UNFPA has positioned itself within the development community and national partners, with a view to adding value to the country development results;
  • To draw key lessons from past and current cooperation and provide a set of clear and forward-looking options leading to strategic and actionable recommendations for the next programme cycle.

The evaluation covered all activities planned and/or implemented during the period 2012 to 2016, including soft aid activities.