11 July 2005
World Population Day
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UNFPA-supported activities for equality

Suggested activities for World Population Day

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Promoting Gender Equality

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

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Suggested activities for World Population Day

Each year for the past 15 years, UNFPA offices in all parts of the world have raised awareness about important population and development issues by finding creative ways to p ublicize World Population Day.

  • Attract attention to the message by inviting politicians and celebrities to make public statements and take a leadership role in promoting gender equality.

  • Organize public contests for posters, essays and plays about the benefits of equality to all peoplewomen, girls, men, boys, families, communities, nations.

  • Hold workshops, debates and seminars.

  • Contact the media through press kits and conferences, preparing sound bites' to convey the message and linking the issue to local examples.

  • Emphasize the benefits to development of investing in education for girls, women's economic opportunity, and reproductive health and rights.

  • Highlight the role of equality in achieving the ICPD Programme of Action and the Millennium Development Goals.

  • Analyze the positive steps taken towards equality in your country, and identify lessons learned and needed action.

  • Write and publicize success stories about reproductive health projects showing positive results.

  • Link to the UNFPA Web site (www.unfpa.org).