11 July 2003
World Population Day
Statement by Thoraya Obaid, Executive Director, UNFPA
Statement by Kofi Annan,
UN Secretary General
Events Worldwide
Adolescent reproductive health
HIV/AIDS and young people
Youth participation and ideas for action
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The State of World Population 2003 Making 1 Billion Count: Investing in Adolescents’ Health and Rights

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World Population Day 2003
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State of World Population

World Population Day Events Worldwide

Each year, UNFPA offices worldwide organize activities to mark World Population Day on 11 July. This year’s activities focus on the theme of adolescent rights, health and development. Here are some of the activities to mark the Day:


  • A workshop on adolescents will be organised by the Health and Family Welfare Department in association with the Orissa Association for Population and Development.
  • Rallies, human chains, and public meetings will be held in different districts.
  • Essays, debates, painting and slogan writing competitions will be organized in different schools and prizes will be given on 11 July.
  • Information for adolescents, written in Oriya, the language of the Orissa district, will be distributed to the district’s school children. A symposium will also be held on adolescent rights and challenges.
  • An action plan on adolescents will be released by the Women and Child Development Department.


  • A Caribbean media awards for World Population Day will be announced.
  • A public event will be held with the participation of a number of ministers and the Inter-American Parliamentarian Group on Population and Development.


  • UNFPA Lebanon, along with the U.N. Youth Task Force in Lebanon, will mark WPD with an educational campaign, extending from mid-July to mid-October, that will reach out to the youth through entertainment activities.
  • Q&A programmes on youth issues will be broadcast on a number FM radio stations that are mostly popular among young people.
  • A drawing contest will be held for youth involved in scouting activities, summer schools, summer camps, clubs and others.
  • Live TV programmes, hosted by experts on youth health, will encourage young people to discuss their fears and concerns. The programmes will be broadcast over a one-week period.
  • Posters brochures and other material with information on HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, healthy lifestyles, and child labour, will be prominently displayed at locations frequented by young people, such as beaches, restaurants, diners, pubs, and music stores.


  • The Progress Report of the National Population Programme is expected to be launched on 11 July by either President Vincente Fox or Minister of Interior Santiago Creel. The launch will take place at the President's official residence attended by representative of UN agencies, embassies, state population councils, national counterparts, and civil society.
  • A press conference, organized by UNFPA and featuring Elena Zúñiga, Secretary General of the National Population Council, is scheduled for July 10. Other press conferences, parades and ceremonies will be held in most of the states of Mexico.
  • The State of Campeche is celebrating Population Month, which was inaugurated by the Governor of State on July 1. The commemorations include a book fair on population; conferences on adolescents, drug addiction, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS; and a photo contest. A similar ceremony will be held at the state of Tlaxcala.

South Africa

  • The government is marking World Population Day with a month-long celebration. The events, under the theme, “One Billion Adolescents Together Building a Social Contract for Sustainable Development,” focus on the challenges facing the country’s youth, including high levels of unemployment, HIV/AIDS, illiteracy and teenage marriage and pregnancy.


  • UNFPA Yemen will mark World Population Day with a full day of games, theatre, music, puppet shows and educational activities. The events, to be held at one of Sana’s main squares, will also feature a mobile clinic service, the launching of a youth comic magazine and other activities.
  • Preachers at the main mosques will address, in their Friday sermons, issues related to youth reproductive health and early marriage.
  • All of these events will be carried live on national TV, which will also feature talk shows related to the occasion.

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