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Policy Developments since the ICPD

Nearly two thirds of developing countries responding to the 2003 UNFPA global survey (97 of 151) reported having taken some action on internal migration, compared to 41 per cent of respondents in 1994; 52 per cent have adopted plans on migration; 51 per cent have plans to influence spatial distribution of the population (including resettlement schemes, plans to redistribute population by creating new economic growth centres, and decentralization of social and economic planning and political decision-making); 16 per cent provide services to internally displaced persons; and 10 per cent have special institutions on migration. More-urbanized countries, and those with faster urban growth, were no more likely than other countries to have adopted multiple measures to address internal migration.

Three fourths of all governments, and nearly 80 per cent in developing countries, reported they were dissatisfied with the spatial distribution of their populations. The global survey indicates that a majority of developing countries have formulated policies on migration or allocated development investments with the aim of influencing population distribution. But the degree of attention given these issues varies widely.(6) Further development of policies addressing rural-urban movements and the conditions of life within cities will require more detailed data and research.

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