The State of World Population 2001 The State of World Population 2001

United Nations Population Fund

Box 1: Population Growing Fastest Where Needs Are Greatest

Box 2: Globalization and the Private Sector

Box 3: The Pros and Cons of Fish Farming

Box 4: Equity and Environmental Intervention

Box 5: Melting Ice Confirms Warming is Under Way

Box 6: Kyoto Protocol Faces Uncertain Fate

Box 7: Population and International Environmental Agreements

Box 8: Protecting 'Biodiversity Hotspots'

Box 9: 'Eco-tourism': Boon or Boom?

Box 10: Living Planet Index

Box 11: Rural Migration

Box 12: Kenyan District Adapts to Meet Population Challenge

Box 13: Rio+10

Box 14: Ensuring Availability of Reproductive Health Supplies

Box 15: Mortality Decline and Fertility Decisions

Box 16: Valuing Ecosystems

Box 17: Progress Since the ICPD

Box 18: Donors Support Environmental Assessment

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