The State of World Population 2000 Contents

United Nations Population Fund

1. Overview
    Gender and Health
    Violence against Women
    Men, Reproductive Rights and Gender Equality
    The Cost of Inequality
    Working to End Gender Inequality
    Action Taken, Action Needed

2. Gender and Health
Components of Reproductive Health Care
    Family Planning
    Safe Motherhood
    Abortion and Post-abortion Care
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases Including HIV/AIDS
    Female Genital Mutilation
Reproductive Health Programme Issues
    Public Health Concerns
    Cultural Restrictions Limit Choice
    Professional Roles and Gender Roles
Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health and Behaviour
    Programmes Can Help Change the Rules
    Policies Promoting Partnerships
Men's Reproductive Health Needs
Reproductive Health Needs of Migrants and Refugees
Partnerships for Reproductive Health and Family Planning
    National NGOs and Community Health Services
    NGOs and Adolescents' Reproductive Health

3. Violence against Women and Girls: A Human Rights and Health Priority
Impacts on Reproductive Health
Trafficking in Women and Girls
'Honour' Killings
NGOs Work against Gender Violence

4. Men, Reproductive Rights and Gender Equality
Men's Roles and Changing Realities
Gender Inequality and Cultural Expectations
Men's Support for Sexual and Reproductive Health
    Lessons from India
    Other NGO Efforts to Involve Men
A Common Agenda

5. Counting the Cost of Gender Inequality
The Costs of Economic Invisibility
The Costs of Denying Health Care
    Maternal Mortality and Morbidity
    The Economic Cost of HIV/AIDS
    Gender-based Violence
    Psychological Costs
Education: Costs of the Gender Gap
Micro-credit: Investing in Women
Demography and Gender: Costs and Opportunities
    The Demographic Bonus
    The Impact of Ageing
Measuring Gender Inequalities
    Indices and Other Indicators
    Other Efforts to Monitor Progress

6. Women's Rights Are Human Rights
Human Rights Treaties
    Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
    Human Rights Treaty Bodies: Reports and Recommendations
International Conference Consensus Agreements
    International Conference on Population and Development
    Five-year Reviews

7. Working Towards a Better Future
The Role of Governments
    Legal Support for Gender Equality
    New Legislation
    Design of Policies and Programmes
    Key Policy Issues
UNFPA Support for Gender Equality
    Support to Governments
    Adolescent Reproductive Health
    Gender Violence
    Male Involvement
    Other Areas of Assistance
The Role of Donors
The Challenges Ahead



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