The State of World Population 2000 Boxes

United Nations Population Fund

Box 1: Discrimination and Poverty Go Hand in Hand

Box 2: Most Maternal Deaths Could be Prevented

Box 3: Beyond 6 Billion

Box 4: ICPD+5 Review and Gender

Box 5: "Beijing+5" Review Reaffirms Commitment to 1995 Platform for Action

Box 6: Discrimination against Girls: A Matter of Life and Death

Box 7: Benchmark Indicators Adopted at the ICPD+5 Review

Box 8: Honduras Reduces Maternal Mortality

Box 9: The Toll of Abortion

Box 10: AIDS Is Now the Number One Killer in Africa

Box 11: Sri Lanka Succeeds in Promoting Women's Health

Box 12: Sexual Activity Differs among Young Men and Women

Box 13: Gender Norms Can Prevent Safe Sex

Box 14: Gates Foundation Helps Protect African Youth against HIV/AIDS

Box 15: UNFPA and Reproductive Health Needs in Emergency Situations

Box 16: Using Networks to Promote Reproductive Health

Box 17: Killings in Sweden Spark Debate about Domestic Violence

Box 18: Women's Attackers Seldom Punished in Pakistan

Box 19: Trafficking in the United States Rarely Punished, Report Says

Box 20: Two 'Honour' Killings in Jordan

Box 21: Women Foreign Ministers Seek End To Human Trafficking

Box 22: Men Can Change Course of AIDS Epidemic, UNAIDS Reports

Box 23: Development and Human Rights

Box 24: Women's Work Is Under-rewarded

Box 25: Gender Inequality in Education Persists

Box 26: New Information Technologies and Women's Empowerment

Box 27: Benefits of Micro-credit Are More than Economic

Box 28: The Right to Reproductive Health Care

Box 29: The ICPD Programme of Action and Gender Equality

Box 30: Women in Decision-making

Box 31: Egyptian Women Gain Divorce Rights Similar to Men's

Box 32: Monitoring and Evaluation Improve Programmes and Promote Gender Sensitivity

Box 33: Legal Reforms in India against Rape

Box 34: Legal and Professional Action against Rape in South Africa

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