Countries Programmes

During the planning phase, the six countries have been experimenting with different community-based mechanisms that enable communities to influence the quality of reproductive health care.

Mechanisms of particular interest to the project include community mobilization and advocacy strategies, savings and credit programmes, and micro-insurance schemes. All three have particular relevance in enabling communities to have a "stronger voice" in working with providers.

In countries where health sector reform is underway, ways to enable organized community groups to work more directly with local councils to monitor the process of improving the quality of services are under consideration.

What's NEW

Launched in 2001, with funding from the United Nations Foundation (UNF), Stronger Voices builds on the respective strengths and experiences of four UN partners: UNFPA, ILO/STEP, UNICEF, and WHO.

Planning activities are underway in the six pilot countries -- India, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritania, Nepal, Peru and Tanzania.

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