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Brief on Engaging Men, Changing Gender Norms

Directions for Gender-Transformative Action

This MenEngage-UNFPA advocacy brief explores the importance of changing social norms related to men’s ideas and behaviors and examines several questions.
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Brief on Sports and the Making of Men

Transforming Gender Norms on the Playing Field

This MenEngage-UNFPA advocacy brief explores ideas on how to transform sport - an important part of the lives of most boys and many men - to encourage gender equitable attitudes and behaviors, to end harmful forms of masculinity, and to transform masculinity in positive ways.
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Realizing the Potential

Annual Report 2013

This annual report  summarizes the 2013 programmes, objectives and initiatives achieved, both globally and regionally, in 2013. UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, worked with 159 countries, territories and other areas in 2013 to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled.
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UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: Accelerating Change

Summary Report of Phase I 2008 - 2013

The UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme "Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting [FGM/C): Accelerating Change” was developed in 2007 to protect girls and women by accelerating abandonment of FGM/C and providing care for its consequences. The Programme's novel, culturally sensitive, using a human rights-based approach, and strategically leveraging social dynamics in favor of abandonment, was implemented in 15 African countries from 2008-2013.
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Adolescent Pregnancy

A Review of the Evidence

This report presents an update on the current situation of pregnancies among girls less than 18 years of age and adolescents 15-19 years of age. The report also covers trends during the last 10 years and variations across geographic, cultural and economic settings, as well as interventions available to minimize pregnancy among adolescents. The report lists evidence for these programmatic approaches, and challenges that nations will have to deal with in the next 20 years given current population momentum.
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Breaking the Silence on Violence against Indigenous Girls, Adolescents and Young Women

A call to action based on an overview of existing evidence from Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America

Violence against women and girls is a pervasive violation of human rights that persists worldwide and cuts across all socio-economic groups. This new collaborative study aims to provide a deeper understanding of the magnitude, nature and context of violence experienced specifically by indigenous girls, adolescents and young women.
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Engaging Men and Boys: A Brief Summary of UNFPA Experience and Lessons Learned

Integrating work with men and boys into core areas of the UNFPA mandate at country, regional and global levels.

This report aims to support the work of UNFPA and partners by presenting a background and rationale for engaging men and boys. It illustrates a range of initiatives that have engaged men and boys for the promotion of gender equality as well as sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights.
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ICPD and Human Rights

20 years of advancing reproductive rights through UN treaty bodies and legal reform

This publication highlights the progress countries have made through their laws and policies to implement the ICPD Programme of Action. It also describes national and international human rights developments on issues related to sexual and reproductive health and rights.
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UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: Annual Report 2012

Scaling Up a Comprehensive Approach to Abandonment in 15 African Countries

This report documents activities of the Joint Programme in its fifth year of implementation in 15 African countries: Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Somalia,Sudan and Uganda. The report documents achievements in evidence-based strategies identified in 2008.
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State of World Population 2013

Motherhood in Childhood: Facing the challenge of adolescent pregnancy

Every day in developing countries, 20,000 girls below age 18 give birth. Nine in 10 of these births occur within marriage or a union. This has consequences on the health, education, employment and rights of an untold millions of girls. What are the challenges of adolescent pregnancy, and what can we do to ensure girls have a healthy and safe transition into adulthood?
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