ICPD/15: Actions and Outcomes

On 12 October 2009 the United Nations General Assembly commemorated the 15th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development.

For UNFPA, the agency that was given the lead in carrying out the ICPD vision, the entire year offered opportunities to both look back and move forward toward commitments made in 1994 (and at the follow-up conference in 1999).  Throughout  2009, partnerships were strengthened with the aim of expanding ownership of the ICPD Programme of Action, and using it as a foundation for achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

A number of technical meetings and consultations that took place throughout the included reviews of progress and identification of gaps in realizing the ICPD vision. They provided practical recommendations for moving forward that are intended to inform the MDG at 10 review that is taking place throughout 2010.

Meetings and Outcome Documentation

Global Events


Outcomes and relevant documents

General Assembly Commemoration, 64th Session

12 October, New York

Executive Director’s Statement:
Secretary General’s Statement
President of the General Assembly’s Statement

Commission on Population and Development, 42nd Session 

March-April, New York

Secretary-General reports on the contribution of the ICPD Programme of Action to internationally agreed development goals including the MDGs

Translations, additional reports, statements and adopted resolution are available here.

High-level Meeting on Maternal Health - MDG 5

October, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Statement of Commitment

Global Partners in Action: NGO Forum on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Development

September, Berlin

The 'Berlin Call to Action', the Strategic Options for NGOs and other relevant documents 

International Forum on ICPD at 15:  Progress and Prospects

 November, 2008, Kampala, Uganda

Kampala Declaration

 International Parliamentarians' Conference on ICPD

 October, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

 Addis Ababa Statement of Commitment

Experts meetings



 Conference of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population

27 September – 2 October,  Marrakesh, Morocco

Opening Statements
Thoraya Obaid , Eecutive Director UNFPA
John Cleeland, President IUSSP
Plenary Session Statements 
Zeba Sathar, Country Director Population Council, Pakistan
Ronald Lee, University of California, Berkeley

Population Dynamics and Climate Change

June, London

Papers and presentations

Reducing Inequities: Ensuring Universal Access to Family Planning


Presentations and recommendations




Regional and sub-regional events






High-Level Asia and the Pacific Regional Forum on ICPD at 15 

September, Bangkok

Country and thematic presentations and the outcome document

5th Asia and the Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health

October, Beijing

Youth Forum 
 Beijing Call to Action

ICPD at 15 Regional Africa Expert Group Meeting followed by a Ministerial Meeting

October, Addis Abbaba

ICPD at 15 Report
Outcome of Ministerial Meeting

ICPD at 15 Symposium in the Pacific

November, Suva, Fijio

Background materials

Arab States: Regional Meeting of National Population Commissions

May, Doha, Qatar

Regional report
Doha Declaration

Eastern Europe and Central Asia  High-level Meeting on Maternal Health and Universal Access to Reproductive Health

November, Istanbul

Regional report

ICPD at 15 Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Forum

November, Istanbul

Regional report on MDG5 and meeting outcome  

Sub-regional Caribbean Seminar on ICPD at 15

August, Antigua and Barbuda

Report and outcomes

Latin America regional seminar on ICPD at 15

October, Santiago, Chile

Report and outcomes

Latin America and the Caribbean Meeting of Women and Leaders of regional networks

August, Panama City, Panama

Panama Declaration