Potential Contributions to the MDG Agenda from the Perspective of ICPD

A Reference Guide to Evidence for Policy Dialogue in the LAC Region

Author: UNFPA, Ipea
No. of pages: 497
Publication date: 2007
Publisher: UNFPA, Ipea
Available languages: English
ISBN: 978-85-98579-04-7

This reference guide analyses progress on implementing the Millennium Development Goals  in  Latin America and the Caribbean. Because the 8 MDGs are somewhat limited in comparison, the guide suggests that the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development also be used to supplement them. Specifically, the issue of sexual and reproductive health  is not part of the original MDGs, but plays a critical role in their achievement.

This guide addresses how achieving each of the Millennium Development Goals will be facilitated in the region by also applying the standards of the Programme of Action, because the two documents both overlap and supplement each other. In particular, the ICPD programme is much more explicit than the MDGs in its commitment to universal access to sexual and reproductive health. Because sexual and reproductive health is so pivotal to raising quality of life in general, the guide shows how ensuring access to it can facilitate the realization of the MDGs.

The guide devotes a chapter to linkages between each MDG with population, gender issues, and access to sexual and reproductive health. It also looks at the specific challenges facing the region, including inequality and exclusion, education, gender equality and women’s empowerment, natural disasters, employment for youth and debt sustainability.