Trafficking in Women, Girls and Boys

Key Issues for Population and Development Programmes

Author: UNFPA
No. of pages: 91
Publication date: 2003
Publisher: UNFPA
Available languages: English
ISBN: 0-89714-676-X
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Trafficking in persons, their transportation and sale for labour of any kind, whether within or outside national boundaries, is a modern form of slavery and a violation of the human rights of the victims. More than 700,000 persons are trafficked each year from one country to another, but the numbers are greatly magnified when in-country figures are taken into account. An overwhelming majority of victims are women, girls and boys.

The primary objective is commercial sexual exploitation. Giving expression to its concern, UNFPA organized a consultative meeting in Bratislava from 2-4 October 2002 to seek ways of addressing the problem. The present report is the outcome of this meeting.