For further information and any questions related to quality assurance in UNFPA procurement, please contact:


Quality Assurance team
Procurement Services Branch

Pre-qualification Process

Following international quality standards and supported by WHO and other organizations UNFPA has defined a Quality Assurance policy for contraceptives and other medicines, where highest importance is given to the WHO Prequalification Process. Find more information here about the Prequalification Process Step by Step and the invitation for the Expression Of Interest (EOI) for Reproductive Health products.

Additionally, to prevent interrupted supply of the medicines that are under the WHO Prequalification Programme in the event of less than three prequalified products, two interim processes will be used as alternatives for quality assessment for those manufacturers that are on their way to prequalification but have not yet achieved prequalification:  

  1. ERP process as managed by WHO
  2. Internal Technical Committee Review managed by UNFPA

For all other medicines procured by UNFPA, quality evaluation will be based on GMP compliance and applicable technical documentation as reviewed and approved by the internal technical committee. In addition, UNFPA will implement quality control measures.  

Download the UNFPA QA Policy here.