UNFPA in Action:

2008 Sudan Housing and Population Census


UNFPA procured 15 million USD worth of goods and services for Sudan’s census. Pictured above is one of the nine Antonov cargo airplanes UNFPA contracted to transport goods procured for the Sudan census.

The Sudan Housing and Population census was conducted in 2008 as part of a strategy by the Government of Sudan to identify the root causes of under development, poverty and regional disparity in Sudan and to address these through sound planning and informed decision making.

From a technical perspective, Sudan’s immediate census objectives were twofold: 1) to produce reliable and accurate demographic, economic, social and environmental data that could be used as a benchmark for development planning; and 2), to develop Sudan’s capacity to collect, process, analyze, disseminate and utilize data from censuses and surveys.

Sudan posed a number of procurement and logistical challenges. The delivery of goods from the North and South of Sudan proved to be difficult as some suppliers could only deliver to Port Sudan, and bad road conditions made inland delivery to Juba an obstacle.

However, UNFPA's Procurement Services Branch (PSB) was able to meet these challenges and support Sudan in implementing a successful national census by providing the following expertise:

  • Pre-census planning
  • Procurement of census materials and other goods and services
  • Evaluating goods to verify quality and compliance with industry standards
  • Identifying suitable facilities to receive, store and prepare the necessary census goods
  • Customs clearance support
  • Strengthening and developing national procurement and logistics capacities by collaborating with other UN agencies working in Sudan


UNFPA warehousing, packing and dispatching operations for the Sudan Census