Youth leadership and participation

UNFPA supports the right of young people to be involved in all decision-making that affects their lives. And it taps into the dynamism of youth movements and their communication networks for advocacy and action on issues, such as HIV prevention and gender-based violence.

The Fund encourages intergenerational alliances that pair the energy, perspectives and motivation of young people with the experience and know-how of adult coaches and facilitators. Through youth-adult partnerships, the Fund incorporates the ideas of young people into policy and programming processes. It invests in strengthening the skills of youth to make them better agents for transmitting information, knowledge and skills, and more effective advocates for their own rights and the rights of vulnerable and marginalized young people.

UNFPA also promotes the meaningful participation of young people in international meetings and conferences. Many of the youth networks UNFPA supports have been effective advocates for youth issues in international and regional forums.


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