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UNFPA Continues to Garner Support in a Challenging Aid Environment

Despite worldwide economic challenges and a competitive aid environment, total revenue for UNFPA in 2012 reached a record $981.4 million.This amount includes $437.5 million in voluntary donor contributions, $40.8 million in other revenue, and $503.1 million in earmarked funds.

Backed by this donor support in 2012, UNFPA further tightened the focus of its work to increase the impact in the organization’s core areas of sexual and reproductive health, reproductive rights and maternal health to improve the lives of millions of women and young people in developing countries.

Until the middle of 2011, UNFPA had 13 major programming objectives, but after a review of its priorities and a fresh look at emerging challenges in developing countries, the organization focused its programming objectives to seven areas where it stands to have the greatest impact on the lives of women and young people:

  • Expanding and improving maternal and newborn health.
  • Increasing access to voluntary family planning.
  • Making HIV and STI services more accessible to pregnant women, people living with HIV, young people and key populations.
  • Advocating for gender equality and reproductive rights.
  • Increasing young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health services and information.
  • Linking population dynamics, policymaking and development plans.
  • Harnessing the power of data

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