Evaluation of the UNFPA Support to Adolescents and Youth

The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the performance of UNFPA in its support to adolescents and youth during the period 2008-2014 falling under the UNFPA Framework for Action on Adolescents and Youth and the UNFPA Strategic Plan 2008-2013 (including the midterm review). The evaluation will also provide key learning to contribute to the implementation of the current UNFPA Strategy on Adolescents and Youth (2012-2020) under the current the UNFPA Strategic Plan (2014-2017). The evaluation is scheduled to inform the mid-term review of the current Strategic Plan.

The primary objectives of the evaluation are to:

  1. Assess how the frameworks as set out in the UNFPA Strategic Plans (2008-2013 / 2014-2017), the UNFPA Framework for Action on Adolescents and Youth (implemented in 2007), and the UNFPA Strategy on Adolescents and Youth (2012) have guided the programming and implementation of UNFPA interventions in the field of adolescents and youth;
  2. Facilitate learning, capture good practices and generate knowledge from UNFPA experience across a range of key programmatic interventions in the area of adolescent and youth during the 2008-2014 period to inform the implementation of relevant Strategic Plan outcomes and future interventions in the field of adolescent and youth.

The evaluation will cover UNFPA support at global, regional and country levels. The evaluation shall include all countries where adolescents and youth interventions were undertaken and currently implemented and where examples can illustrate UNFPA support to comprehensive multisectorial interventions to inform decision making and policy formulation.

Management and governance of the evaluation

The responsibility for the management and supervision of the evaluation will rest with the Evaluation Office (EO). The evaluation manager will have overall responsibility for the management of the evaluation process, including hiring and managing the team of external consultants. The evaluation manager is responsible for ensuring the quality and independence of the evaluation in line with UNEG Norms and Standards and Ethical Guidelines.  

The progress of the evaluation will be followed by an evaluation reference group (ERG) consisting of members of UNFPA services and external stakeholders.


Terms of Reference