ICPD+5 News Bulletin No. 9, 11 January 1999

No. 9, 11 January 1999

Five Year-review of the International Conference on Population and Development

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WELCOME TO Issue No. 9 of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) ICPD+5 News Bulletin on activities relating to the process of the five-year review of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). The News Bulletin is a feature produced on the first Monday of every month for all partners interested in the activities and events leading up to the International Forum on ICPD implementation (The Hague Forum) on 8-12 February 1999, the 32nd session of the United Nations Commission on Population and Development (CPD) on 22-31 March 1999, and the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the overall review and appraisal of the implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action in New York on 30 June-2 July 1999. To receive the News Bulletin, please send us your fax, e-mail or office address and we will add you to the list of subscribers. The News Bulletin is also posted on the UNFPA ICPD+5 web site at: http://www.unfpa.org/public/home/sitemap/icpd/International-Conference-on-Population-and-Development/ICPD5-key-actions/ICPD5NewsBulletin, where you can find more information, reports and news on the ICPD+5 review.


7-9 December: The Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and UNFPA met in Budapest, Hungary, to review the ICPD Programme of Action. The report of the meeting, its conclusions, national reports made available at the regional ICPD+5 meeting and other information are available on the ECE Population Activities Unit web site at: http://www.unece.org/ead/pau/rpm/.

For a listing of other recent meetings related to ICPD+5 activities, please refer to earlier issues of the News Bulletin which are posted at the UNFPA website at http://www.unfpa.org/public/home/sitemap/icpd/International-Conference-on-Population-and-Development/ICPD5-key-actions/ICPD5NewsBulletin, or are available by request to dayal@unfpa.org.


An international forum for the operational review and appraisal of the implementation of the Programme of Action, organized by UNFPA in collaboration with the Government of The Netherlands, will take place in The Hague on 8-12 February 1999. The Hague Forum will be held at the Netherlands Congress Centre (NCC), Churchillplein 10, 2508 EA The Hague, The Netherlands (Tel:(31) 70 306-6366; Fax: (31) 70 306-6443). Registration for the Forum will take place at the NCC on 7 February 1999, from 1-6PM. Registration and hotel registration forms (available through UNFPA Field Offices and Headquarters), to be completed by all official country participants to The Hague Forum, were due to Expo & Hoc, b.v., (Fax: (31) 70 427-2770) by 15 December 1998, to ensure hotel accommodation and entry to the Forum. A copy of the registration and hotel reservation form should be faxed to Joyce Bratich-Cherif, The Hague Forum Secretariat, IERD, at 212-297-4918 or 212-557-6416. Late forms should be faxed immediately to Expo & Hoc. Completion and submission of the form will serve as the basis for the issuance of conference badges that will permit entry to the Forum premises.

Provisional Annotated Agenda (subject to approval by the Bureau and Forum participants):

1. Inaugural ceremony: The inaugural session will be addressed by a high-level representative of the Government of the Netherlands, the Executive Director of UNFPA, and other distinguished guests.

2. Election of Forum President: The inaugural session of the Forum will elect its President and Chair.

3. Organizational and Procedural Matters: Adoption of the Rules of Procedure: The Rules of Procedure prepared by UNFPA, serving as the Forum Secretariat, will be submitted to the Forum for adoption. Election of other officers:Thirteen Vice-Presidents and one Rapporteur will also be elected. Together with the President, they will form the 15-member Bureau of the Forum. The Secretariat will designate a Secretary of the Forum to serve ex officio as a member of the Bureau. The Bureau will serve as a drafting committee for a document on the operational perspectives on further implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action. Adoption of the Agenda and the Programme of Work and Constitution of the Main Committee: After the agenda and the programme of work proposed by the Secretariat are considered and adopted, the President of the Forum will nominate one member from the Forum Bureau to serve as Chair of the Main Committee. Presentation of reports from the Parliamentarians' Forum, the Youth Forum and the NGO Forum: The reports of the three forums, which will take place immediately prior to The Hague Forum, will be presented.

4. Operational Review and Assessment at the Country Level of the Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action: Speakers at the ministerial level from each national delegation will address this item in the plenary sessions. Eminent persons and others invited to the Forum, including representatives of civil society, will also address these issues. Discussions will focus on the progress that has been made in the implementation of the Programme of Action and will analyse operational experiences at the country level. Speakers will comment on lessons learned and point out constraints faced by individual countries and the international community as a whole in meeting the goals of the ICPD. The major points made in these discussions will be brought to the attention of the Bureau, acting as the Drafting Committee, for a document outlining operational perspectives on further implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action.

5. Substantive Themes:The Main Committee will consider five substantive themes (see below). Each theme will be introduced by a resource person and will be followed by a discussion. At the conclusion of the discussion on each theme, the Chair of the Main Committee will summarize the main points of discussion. The Bureau, in its capacity as the Drafting Committee, will consider these and identify the points that could be included in the document on operational perspectives mentioned above. The themes are: Creating an enabling environment for further implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action; Reproductive health, including family planning and sexual health; and reproductive rights; Gender equality, equity and empowerment of women; Strengthening partnerships; and Resource flows and financing for implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action.

6. Operational Perspectives on Further Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action: The Bureau of the Forum, acting as the Drafting Committee, will present the document on operational perspectives for consideration and adoption.

7. Report of The Hague Forum: The Forum Report, drafted by the Rapporteur of the Forum, will summarize the proceedings of the plenary meetings and the discussions of the Main Committee.

8. Closing Ceremony: The Closing Ceremony will take place on Friday afternoon, 12 February 1999.

A background paper for The Hague Forum prepared by UNFPA, entitled "A Five-Year Review of Progress Towards the Implementation of the Programme of Action of the ICPD," will be available on the UNFPA ICPD+5 web site by end-January. The paper is the main document before the Forum.


An International Forum of Parliamentarians on ICPD+5 will be held on 4-6 February 1999, in The Hague, and will be hosted by the Dutch Parliament. For more information about the parliamentarians' forum, and media accreditation to the meeting, contact: Shiv Khare, Executive Coordinator of the International Forum of Parliamentarians, c/o AFPPD, The Neurological Foundation Building, Sala Pamnak, 312 Rajavithi Road, Phyathai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand. Fax: (662) 248-8827/247-9236; Tel.: (662) 248-6726/7 or 245-9596; E-mail: skhare@mozart.inet.co.th.

An NGO Forum and a Youth Forum on ICPD+5 will be held on 6-7 February 1999. The NGO and Youth Forums will take place at the same site as The Hague Forum: the NCC (see address above). Registration for the NGO Forum will take place at the NCC on 5 February 1999, beginning at 3PM. Registration for the Youth Forum will take place at the City Hostel, 27 Scheetmakersstraat (Tel: (31) 0 70 315-7878)/Fax: (31) 0 70 315-7877) on 5 February from 10-3PM. An orientation session for youth representatives will be held at the City Hostel on 5 February from 3-6PM. Participants at the NGO and Youth Forums will be invited to attend The Hague Forum as observers.

Procedures and application forms for media accreditation to the NGO, Youth and Hague Forums are available at: http:www.unfpa.org/ICPD/media.htm. The deadline for advance media accreditation is 29 January 1999.

The World Population Foundation (WPF), a Dutch NGO, is the local facilitator for organizations interested in participating in the NGO and Youth Forums, and, assisted by the advisory groups of the NGO and Youth Forums, serves as the secretariat. Information on the organization, process and substance of the NGO and Youth Forums is available on the WPF NGO Forum web site at: http://www.ngoforum.org. WPF can be contacted at: Tel: (31) 35 642-2304/Fax: (31) 35 642-1462(Fax)/E-mail: office@wpf.org. E-mail queries can be directed to: ngoforum@wpf.org or youthforum@wpf.org. The WPF web site is http://www.wpf.org. Information about these events is also available on the UNFPA ICPD+5 web pages.

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