ICPD at 10 Outcomes

Global Meetings

Commission on Population and Development
(New York, 22-26 March 2004)

UN General Assembly Commemoration of ICPD at 10
(New York, 14 October 2004)

Regional Meetings

Economic Commission for Africa
(Dakar, Senegal, 7-11 June 2004)

Economic Commission for Europe
(Geneva, Switzerland, 12-14 January 2004)

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

Meeting Reports

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
(Bangkok, Thailand, 11-17 December 2002)

Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
(Beirut, Lebanon, 19-21 November 2004)

  • Beirut Declaration (forthcoming)
  • Meeting Report (forthcoming)
  • Regional Review Report on ICPD Implementation (forthcoming)

Parliamentarian Meetings

International Parliamentarians' Conference on the Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action (IPCI/ICPD)

Inter-Governmental and Non-Governmental Meetings

Fourth African Population Conference
(Tunis, Tunisia, 8-12 December 2003)

Global Population Forum
(Washington, DC, 13-15 May 2004)

High Level Global Consultation on Linking HIV/AIDS with Sexual and Reproductive Health
(New York, 7 June 2004)

Countdown 2015: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for All
(London, England, 31 August 2 September 2004)

International Forum on Population and Development
(Wuhan, China, 7-9 December 2004)

Roundtable on International Migration and Development: The Challenges Ahead
(New York, 12 October 2004)

High-Level Roundtable "Reducing Poverty and Achieving the MDGs: Investing in Reproductive Health and Rights"
(Stockholm, Sweden, 11-12 April 2005)